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Modern manufacturing

Our manufacturing is performed at the highest technical level using equipment that meets the latest criteria and standards. We work extremely efficiently with fully-automatic and semi-automatic machinery and production lines.

Lips that enchant and seduce Our service portfolio offers a full selection of lip cosmetics. We offer a vast range of shapes and sizes and produce custom-made products that cater for your specific target group. Our wide variety of products are sure to help you to achieve every cosmetic effect imaginable.

For faces you won‘t want to forget Thanks to our 50 years‘ experience in product development and our policy of innovation, we are able to offer you a broad variety of options. Our product range includes not only make-up and foundations, but also pressed, cream and loose finishing powders, as well as blushers in all colors and variations.

The eyes are the window to the soul If you want sensational effects and pioneering colors, then we‘re just the partner for you! Our products include pressed and loose eye shadows, eyeliners and mascaras in a wide range of finishes.